Платье «The unique pink dress that I love so much» от Binh Ngo

Сшито по выкройке Burda

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It's such really long time I cannot sew, I'm quite busy with work from home and taking care my children.

I'm really happy that during the time I have no posts, you guys still remember me :)

Recently, I did try my best to manage my time to sew this dress, just because I'm so in love with this pattern.

Thanks to Burda, I can proud of myself that I have this unique dress ^^

Комментарии 16
  • e.gubareva
    19 июня 2021 г., 23:57:53
    Добрый день. А из какой ткани ваше платье? Есть ли эластичные волокна?
  • Binh Ngo
    21 июня 2021 г., 3:49:19
    e.gubareva, hi there, it's such kind of office suite, a little stretchy :)
  • littlemanitou
    18 июня 2021 г., 13:38:11
    Ooh, that pattern is perfect for you! In fact, when it first came out, I thought, looks like something Binh Ngo would make :) Stay healthy!
  • Binh Ngo
    21 июня 2021 г., 3:52:07
    littlemanitou, Haha, really thank you. I really love this pattern from very first sight I saw ^^
  • leann
    18 июня 2021 г., 12:51:12
    You look gorgeous. Welcome back. Remote work with children staying at home is nightmare, so understand you.
  • Binh Ngo
    21 июня 2021 г., 3:53:54
    leann, Haha yes, cannot describe my single word :D
  • irinabeletskaja
    18 июня 2021 г., 12:32:14
    Очень нравится!!!!
  • Binh Ngo
    18 июня 2021 г., 12:35:34
    irinabeletskaja, thank you :)
  • MilAnna
    18 июня 2021 г., 12:05:19
    Прекрасно ♥
  • Binh Ngo
    18 июня 2021 г., 12:13:06
    MilAnna, thank you ^^
  • FlisaLopatina
    18 июня 2021 г., 10:24:34
    Великолепно! Рада появлению Вашего нового творения!
  • Binh Ngo
    18 июня 2021 г., 12:13:20
    FlisaLopatina, thank you so much!
  • Galchonka
    18 июня 2021 г., 8:47:59
    Perfect as usual. Great to see you again with one more beautiful dress But where are your roses ?)))
  • Binh Ngo
    18 июня 2021 г., 9:02:22
    Galchonka, Thank you my dear! You know, recently I don't stay in this house, I live will my parent and also take care of my children (because of diseases many things changed). No one take care of my roses , the summer is very hot, so the flowers have died :(
  • ElenaOzjri
    18 июня 2021 г., 7:26:44
    I like your dress. Very nice.
  • Binh Ngo
    18 июня 2021 г., 9:02:39
    ElenaOzjri, thank you so much :)